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hey friends I'm on a semi hiatus during the weekday and here's why

evgeni plushenko and david bowie are my lords and saviors

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Hey guys, I’ve tried this before but let’s do it again, yeah? I’m not the best artist and I’d like to improve my skills and step out of my comfort zone, and I also wanted to give back to you lovely guys for being such wonderful followers! So if you’d like, I’d want to draw you as whatever Phantom character you’d like!!!
Ok, now to business.

Rules for applying:

  • You must be following me, because this is for my rad followers uwu<3 If you reblog this w/o following me I will not list you, sorry!
  • Your ask must be open
  • You must reblog this to enter!
  • I will try my best to do everyone! But if it gains notes too rapidly understand I have the right to make a cut of at x number of drawings!
  • It is first come first served! Whoever reblogs it first I will do first, and I will list all those I’m doing here.

Once you’ve met all the criteria, I will message you with more information!

Other things to consider

  • You do not have to look like the character or “fit” a character for me to draw you as them! It’d be super interesting to see a Phantom cast of more diverse race, body types, etc.! So please do not let that deter you from picking your favorite character!
  • I will be doing any Phantom adaption! Got a cool Leroux!Headcannon Christine, I got’chu! Wanna do a 1925 inspired character, that’s rad too! Heck, I’ll even do the 2004 movie costumes!
  • I’m a pretty busy (and lazy student) and it takes me 1-2 days to do each drawing so please understand that this will take me some time and have patience!
  • This is my secondary blog so when you’re messaged so it’ll be from my personal blog ididwhaticould!


It was…not love at first sight exactly, but - familiarity. Like: oh, hello, it’s you. It’s going to be you. Game over. {x}

"what are the best phantom blogs to follow?"


Okay, I’ve been meaning to make a Phantom of the Opera blog follow forever for a while now, so I guess this will be it! :)

Here is a list of Phantom blogs that I highly recommend, organized by category. All blog names are listed in alphabetical order.

I have listed blog names only once, though some blogs belong in more than one category, which I have indicated in parentheses.

If I follow you and your name doesn’t appear here, it probably just means that I haven’t seen you on my dash when I’ve checked recently, because I have a terrrrrible time remembering names.

For awesome people in the Phandom that you need to be following:

absynthe—minded, angedelmusique, annabellioncourt, bematthe, bigpurplebasket, bluecoolkind, butdreamsoflove, chinatown84, crummyknee, cursemercy, darthxerik, dirtyrainboots, dying-suffering-french-stalkers, equestrphan, exactacrafts, far-too-many-notes-for-my-taste, fdelo, gothicmanatee, helplesslonging, hetspook, hisangelofmusic, itsnotjustforgaysanymore, kattrynna, letthesongtakeflight, letyoursoul, littlegustaveandfamily, little-lotthe, madamecuratrix, marcsliebisch, matheusmarchetti, mecha-dom, meggiry, mendedpixie, michaelcrawfish, needleinapileofneedles, october-skyfall, opera-gangster, operafish, panarophile, persephoneshadow, phangirllnd, phansince1995, phantines, phantoms-angel, punjabchild, queenabeck, rachelbarrells, rewindedmiracles, sirfaggot, sopranomonroe, soulsoaringphan, swirlofgown, thefleetstreetvicomte, theoperagohst, thescorpionorthegrasshopper, wibblywobleytimeywimeystuff

For folks with amazing Leroux knowledge:

despiteyourdestination, phantasticallybeastlyreviews, redeaths, rjdaae (also phanart, edits, and phunnies) spindleshanking (also phanart)

For information about Phantom on Broadway:

misspaula74, phantomloveneverdies, thesecretyouknow (also PotO videos), turnofthescorpion (also PotO videos) wanderingchild, wehadsuchhopes

For information about the Brilliant Original in the West End:

lilygarlands, stilldriftingoffalone

For information about replica and non-replica PotO productions:

cinema-phantom, mlleempsychora, oopperan-kummitus, roadtophantom

For information about the Phandom prior to the 2000s:

amyable-nature, inkedalchemy, oldschoolphantoms, riaglitta (also a singer/performer)

For audio/video gifts and knowledge about past Phantom performances:

glassprism, ilikeunderstudiesandethanfreeman

For information about Phantom costumes:

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For phanart:

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For graphics/edits:

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For performers/singers/musicians:

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For phunnies:

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For unique and creative Phantomy blogs:

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For information about the Lon Chaney movie:

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Okay, there are lots of other awesome blogs out there, and lots of other categories, but this gives you a good place to start!


Ballet Dancers in Butterfly Costumes (detail)


cool it comes with a free refill 


Volker Kraft hung 10,000 colored eggs in his apple tree this week in Saalfeld, Germany. (x)

FAIRYTALE MEME: 6 Heroines - [1/6] Gerda from The Snow Queen
  “But what happened to little Gerda when Kay did not come back? What had become of him? Nobody knew. The other boys told how they had seen him fasten his sled to a large one which had driven out of the town gate. Gerda cried a great deal. The winter was long and dark to her.
  Then the spring came and with it the warm sunshine. ‘I will go and look for Kay,’ said Gerda.
  So she went down the river and climbed into a little boat that lay on the bank. Presently the stream began to carry it away.”

“Do yourself a favor: become your own savior.”

Daniel Johnston (via willliamherondale)


A reminder for this day that supporting the idea that Oxford or Sir Francis Bacon or whoever wrote Shakespeare’s works is inherently classist and undermines the very essence of what makes Shakespeare great: the universality of his writing.

Shakespeare didn’t write to impress academics or to become reknown in literary circles, he wrote because he loved it and he loved acting and the theater, because he liked showing people up and he liked getting paid.

Shakespeare wrote a lot of plays where the main characters are noble, yes, but he wrote actors too — and teenage kids and poor grad students and nurses. His nobles aren’t memorable because they are grand but because anyone can relate to them, Hamlet’s not special to us because he’s a prince but because many of us can see our struggles in his thoughts and actions.

Do not let Oxfordians or Baconians take away what is special about Shakespeare: that he was an ordinary man writing plays not just for nobles or kings, for landowners or the highly educated elite but for ordinary people — for apprentices and butchers and merchant’s wives and maids. His company performed at court, but they also performed at the Globe, where you could get in for a penny if you didn’t mind standing in a crowd.

The Authorship Question isn’t really about discovering “who really wrote Shakespeare,” it’s about elitists being upset and confused and angry because the greatest works in the English language were written by the son of a well-off tradesman who never went to college.